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Burmese with Character

Raised one litter at a time,

underfoot as part of the family, not in cages


Khayama Cattery is situated on 25 acres in the Adelaide Hills, 30 minutes from the airport, where we also breed Wiltipoll sheep under the stud prefix Hinchley.

The cattery was registered in 1971, breeding Siamese. I was a founding member of the Feline Association of SA (1974) and purchased my first Burmese, AYERS PAQUITA (Qld) in 1978.  Paquita won many awards as an adult. Other cattery successes included: GDCH STIRLING LITA MAHALA (WA)  was BURMESE QUEEN OF THE YEAR 1981, 1982, 1983, 1985 and 1986 (this award was based on points gained from progeny winning prizes).  GDCH KHAYAMA NIYA was  SHORTHAIR CAT OF THE YEAR 1983.

Mahala was from imported UK Bambino lines, as was ROELLEN MISS MOLLY MALONE (WA) 2006. Molly is now the desexed matriarch, having produced several litters of 10 kittens (the health benefits of outcrossing).

CH SHYSU SUSHI (QLD) an exquisite brown girl took out SUPREME EXHIBIT as well as Best of Breed Awards.


I no longer judge cats and rarely show, as horses take up most weekends (NCAS A Level Dressage Judge), but I still aim to produce the best type possible, and hope that some of the progeny will be shown. It is however, far more important that my kittens become loved pets giving pleasure to people.


I have bred long enough to see the gene pool in Australia become smaller, and the breed become weaker, their lives become shorter, they succumb more easily to disease, & breeders accept smaller litters and caesarean births as the norm.

It should not be this way (refer next page 'The Health of our Breed').

Animal welfare, health & temperament are paramount, which is why our kittens are raised as part of the family, why there is an emphasis on genetic diversity, on testing for inherited disease, and why the adult cats as well as kittens are given plenty of mental & physical stimulation: to bring out the best in them.


Our aim is to produce healthy genetically diverse Burmese

with temperament & personality plus & true, solid old-fashioned type.


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Starkatz Acorn
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